Monkey go happy 10 walkthrough

monkey go happy 10 walkthrough

Monkey Happy Stage Video Hints/ Walkthrough Below: Collect 10 mini monkeys in each stage then write down the clue inside the backpack to unlock. MONKEY GO HAPPY FAST MULTI-LEVEL GAMES.. MONKEY GO Move can on top of cabinet to uncover a battery. Pickup battery. Open the battery. Play Monkey Go Happy Sci-Fi 2 for free on CrazyGames. fullscreen walkthrough It has been played times and has been rated / 10 (from. monkey go happy 10 walkthrough Pickup the branch 2. Click the rifle to pick up 2. Pickup up the 2 rocks from the ground 2. Turn on the light switch on the left hand. Click the fruit to make it drop onto the leaf. Move left sliding door back into original position and then move right sliding door to uncover a battery and a key. Use the lit candle to light up the darkness. Turn on power by pulling the red lever on the power box 7. Get hat out from box 4. Place the bottle inside the washing machine and close washing machine. Move can on top of cabinet to uncover a battery. The numbers are 8,5,2,3 7.

Monkey go happy 10 walkthrough Video

Monkey GO Happy App PART 1 The H symbol beneath the belt shows the buttons to press on the code. Remove lid from power box 7. Pickup all 3 wrenches 6. Defend the Research Centre by shooting the enemies. Use the lit candle to light up the darkness. Monkey Go Happy 10 is about helping sad monkeys regain their joy of life back by making them laugh and keeping them entertained at all costs, but finding the 15 hidden monkeys in the process. Get the key 4. Pull the send hanger hook down to unlock a secret compartment in the closet. Pull out toy robot 9. Also in this game, you may also manually select which buttons control the action of the game…great eh?! Use crowbar on the 2 floor tiles and on the uncovered area behind the painting to reveal more candy. Place the leaf on the water 3. Pull out toy robot 9. Pick up the rune and use it on the rune slot. Click on the oil puddle to dip the cloth in it. Click on leaf to pickup 2. Pull the crate out of the closet 3.

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Light only the bowls shown on the completed puzzle square in the middle shown above. Click the balloon so it fly off and out the window. Pull the red lever to lift the back plank. Turn the ornaments as shown above. Move the cloud to get sunlight 6. Move the cup on the second shelf to uncover the key. Click the train on the right to move it into place 3.


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